Master Practicum: Bioinformatics (SoSe 21)

Practical Info

Type: Master Practicum

ECTS: 12

Supervisors Prof. Burkhard Rost, Christian Dallago, Michael Heinzinger, Michael Bernhofer

Rotation: (prospective; TBD with students) weekly Zoom meetings on Tusday

Language: English

Topics, where and when

Kick-off meeting will be at the beginning of the summer term (we will update this page! Check back here!)

Possible topics (preliminary):

  1. Prediction of protein disorder
  2. Prediction of binding affinity
  3. Prediction of conserved sites within proteins
  4. Embedding-based consensus predictor over aligned sequences
  5. Embedding-based similarity search

The detailed definition of topics and the schedule will be finalized in coordination with the participants.