Structural Genomics

PSI-BIG4 : The PSI-BIG4 website assess the progress of the large scale structural genomics initiative (PSI) funded by NIGMS. Progress is assessed by reporting monthly statistics on the number of novel structures, progress with BIG and MEGA families and novel leverage generated by the structures as specified by the milestones document. Subcellular Localization

NYCOMPS: NYCOMPS targets are subdivided into three main categories: Pipeline, Nominated and Biological Theme targets. Pipeline targets are selected by a protocol that currently begins with E. coli proteins. These E. coli seeds are predicted membrane proteins that have been expressed successfully in a previous large-scale experiment on membrane proteins carried out by the lab of Gunnar von Heijne (Daley et al. Science. 2005 308:1321-3). We expand these seeds and into 92 prokaryotic genomes (reagent genomes) from which we clone. Nominated targets are seeds selected by individual NYCOMPS experimental groups and expanded by the bioinformatics unit into the 92 reagent genomes. Biological Theme targets are proteins of exceptional biological interest that are cloned by the individual NYCOMPS experimental groups. Data from experimental trials (cloning, expression, purification, crystallization) are processed and analyzed with the aim to iteratively improve our target selection strategy.