Protein Structure and Function Analysis, Bioinformatics master practical SS 2014



Practical (10 SWS)




Master Bioinformatics


Dr. Edda Kloppmann, Dr. Andrea Schafferhans, Dr. Lothar Richter


tba,  seminar room 01.09.034


tba, possibly Tuesday 10:00 - 12:00


Meetings: seminar room 01.09.034; Work: Praktikum room 01.08.021




This course will not be offered in the summer semester of 2014.

Preliminary discussion and registration

There will be a preliminary discussion (see above). There, we will give a general overview of the course and recommend reading material. 


The practical will be focussed around analysis and prediction of the effects of disease-causing mutations in the human genome. To this end, we will apply sequence analysis methods and structure prediction methods. Participants will learn the theoretical basis of the methods, how to apply them in practice and how to interpret and validate the results. 

All of this can and should be driven by the interest of the participants. We hope to incite our pariticipants' curiosity and would like to support their quest for answers to the questions they decide to address.

The students will build a wiki, where they collect all information relevant to the studied diseases and where they document the methods used and the obtained results.

Criteria to pass

  • 10 min introductory talk
  • 15 min presentation  about a method used for structure and fuction prediction
  • Oral contribution
  • Wiki entries about the tasks performed during the practical
  • Final report: research paper