Javascript Technology 2022

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Announcements - IMPORTANT

  • The JavaScript Technology Seminar will NOT be offered anymore after Summer Semester 2023

Instead, the following 2 new Practicums are available on the TUM Matching System:

Praktikum - JavaScript Technology (IN0012, IN2106): More info here

Praktikum - Technical Project Leadership (IN0012, IN2106): More info here

Registration Requirements

No registration possible: see above

Course Overview

Supervisor: Dr. Guy Yachdav

Program Management: Amin Ben Saad, Nikita Charushnikov

What we provide

Hands-on experience in designing and building modern JavaScript-based web applications in an agile development environment together with an industry partner.

Potential Project Partners - Summer 2023

1. Forto ... is a digital freight forwarder & shipping management platform provider.

2. CGI ... is among the largest IT and business consulting services firms in the world.

3. Salesforce one of the world’s most trusted CRM system providers

4. Mercedes-Benz AG ... one of the most successful and well-known automotive companies

Project Setup: (see pre-meeting slides)

  • 9 weeks
  • 3 independent projects
  • 15-20 students per project
  • 3-5 teams per project with 4-6 devs
  • 1 project lead and 1 team lead per team
  • motivated & experienced students who want to be team leads get a grade bonus of 0.3

Meeting Structure (9 Week Project Period):

  • Sprint Meeting (weekly, remotely, 1h) → team-internal information sharing on sprint progress
  • Team Lead Meeting (weekly, remotely, 45min) → team leads of a project update each other on their progress & resolve dependencies
  • Customer Meeting (bi-weekly, remotely, 30-45min) → regular feedback meeting with your customer
  • Design Review (once, in-person, tbd) → mid-term presentation of current web app version
  • Client Acceptance Test (once, in-person tbd) → final demo of the project result

Deliverables & Grading: (see pre-meeting slides)

  • Web Application (70% of grade)
  • Topic Presentation (25% of grade)
  • Seminar Paper (5% of grade)


You will be working in teams but the grading will be individualized as much as possible. Effort & good work will be rewarded greatly while laziness won't. We keep open the possibility to exclude extreme cases of lacking effort completely from the seminar.

Important Dates

  • Pre-Meeting: February 3rd 2023
  • Kick-off Meeting: March 2023
  • Design Review: TBA (week 6)
  • Client Acceptance Test: TBA (week 9)
  • Topic Presentations (in class, participation mandatory): TBA (week 12)
  • Seminar Paper Hand-in (online): TBA

more info: [see pre-meeting slides (soon)]


IMPORTANT: Based on your preferred team (Backend/Frontend/Data) you'll be working with different tools and frameworks. Experience with them is not mandatory yet beneficial.

General: (mandatory)

  • Basic familiarity with JavaScript and/or TypeScript
  • Knowledge in at least one functional or Object Oriented Programming language


  • Familiarity with Node, Express or comparable frameworks/libraries
  • Experience with Cloud Services, e.g. Google Cloud, AWS, ...
  • Experience with relational and NoSQL Databases, e.g. MongoDB
  • Bonus: TypeScript, Docker, …


  • Familiarity with React, Angular or comparable frameworks/libraries

Data, Visuals, ML, ...:

  • Familiarity with D3 or comparable visualisation frameworks/libraries
  • Experience (and/or great interest) in handling big amounts of data
  • Bonus: Python


If you need a crash course in JavaScript we recommend going through this slides deck:

Recommended Literature

  1. JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, 6th Edition
  2. (Highly recommended:) JavaScript: The Good Parts
  9. Advanced Reading JavaScript Garden - the most quirky parts of the JavaScript programming language

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