Custom atlas library for nodes

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  1. If not yet exists: create a new 'component' for the node-architecture in /mnt/home/debrepo/www/debian/conf/distributions, e.g. 'dellnode'.
  2. Add the component to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/rostlab.list of the node root blueprint.
  3. apt-get update (in node root blueprint chroot).
  4. Compile custom ATLAS packages with a node-architecture-specific version like 'dellnode':
    • apt-get source atlas/stable
    • cd atlas*/
    • sed -ie '/custom build/s/custom/custom+dellnode/g' debian/rules && sed -ie 's/^Section: \(.*\)/Section: dellnode\/\1/' debian/control
    • for (( i = 0; i < 12; ++i)); do cpufreq-set -g performance -r -c $i; done
    • fakeroot debian/rules custom
  5. Put (reprepro -C dellnode include *.deb) the ATLAS packages into the component (dellnode) in our repository.
  6. Add a new case for node in /etc/rc.local, giving the node-architecture-specific version in ARCHVER.
  7. Reboot node and watch it install the correct ATLAS in rc.local.