Detailed recipes used for testing

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Test site

Test site is at:

the 8080 is important(!!!) without it you will be using the development site and that one is not stable so you have to keep the 8080 in the url

Tips for testers

  • Try to put in non-standard/unexpected strings into input controls e.g. a dna code into the sequence text area, numbers and punctuation marks, malformed email addresses, non-ansi characters etc.
  • Try to exploit some of the common web applications vulnerabilities. Here are some ideas: five-common-web-application-vulnerabilities
  • Try to break the navigation or workflow by using your browser's back and forward buttons.
  • Test in as many different browsers possible, if you got a browser enabled tablet test in that as well.
  • Try different screen resolutions and resize your browser window to see how well it handles the current screen layout.

Test Recipes

Test 1: Registering a user

  1. while logged to the site go here This should tell you that you're already registered and refer you to the my account page.
  2. log out of the site.
  3. find your way to the registration screen. let me know if the workflow here made sense.
  4. once in the registration page form try to break the input validation by using some of the tricks i outlined above or by coming up with your own tricks.
  5. . try to register an already registered email
  6. try to register a NOT already registered email
  7. pick the Academic Trial account - default
  8. once the validator no longer complains go to the next screen.
  9. Make sure the confirmation screen echos your input.
  10. Register.
  11. Try to log in with your new account. This should fail since you did not activate your account yet.
  12. make sure you got an activation email.
    1. in case you did not get the activation email within a reasonable amount of time (5 mins at the most), use the reactivation screen to retrieve a new activation link. it's very possible that the activation email will go into the junk folder or will be reported as a phishing attempt (Tatyana already reported this issue) since the emailed url to the activation screen points to an IP address instead of an actual domain name.
  13. use the activation link to activate your account.
  14. make sure you got a proper feedback from the activation screen.
  15. Now log in. make sure you are logged into the site by going into the My Account page and verifying your accounts detail correctly appear there.

Test 2: Run a job as a registered user

  1. Log in to the site.
  2. use the front page or the submit page to send a job to predictprotein. if using the submit page, set a job name in the protein name window
  3. Make sure that a pop up window comes on after job submission.
  4. Make sure that the PredictProtein button has turned gray and inactive. In case you close the popup the PredictProtein button should become active again.
  5. If your job did not immediately completed but was submitted to the cluster for calculations make sure that you got an email notification that the job was completed (at the moment the emailed link to the results will default to the old site. please replace the portion of that URL with see if the references in the email send you to the expected locations.
  6. Make sure that the job appears in the My Predictions page.

Test 3: the My predictions page

  1. log out of the site.
  2. make sure that the my prediction page is NOT displayed in the navbar.
  3. try to go to you should be redirected to the login page.
  4. log in to the site.
  5. go to the My Predictions page.
  6. inspect the lists of predictions and make sure the jobs you actually submitted are there.
  7. hide some jobs. (but not all!!)
  8. re-run a job or two, make sure that you see a swirly come up. Once the job is complete a green V icon should appear and you should also be notified via email.
  9. hide all jobs and reload the page. make sure that you are getting a message that no results are currently available and that the link to the submission screen works. If the layout of that page is messed up you do not need to report it. I already too care of it and it will be fixed in the next release together with the fixes for the bugs you report.

Test 4: Viewing the results.

  1. log out of the site
  2. make sure that you do NOT see the My Predictions link in the top navbar.
  3. log back in. go to my predictions and click one of the Response Name links to see the results page.

in the HTML results page:

  1. change the name of the job. let me know if you cant figure out how to do this.
  2. scroll up and down. make sure you always see the results page navigation bar.
  3. mouse over the heading of each section in the results page. confirm you see the About Method link and that it links to the correct wiki page for each method.
  4. mouse over the links in the secondary structure prediction section and make sure you see the help tooltips
  5. click the show landscape view and confirm the secondary structure results change to landscape mode. do the same for portrait mode.
  6. click the "visual" button on the top of the page - that should take you to a visual model of the results.

In the visual results page

  1. mouse over each method name, click the link. confirm you get to the appropriate publication
  2. limit the stretch of the sequence you're viewing by setting the start and end residue boundries (lower portion in the "From" and "to" controls)
  3. zoom into the results.
  4. mouse over the blue bars (alignment hits) and click a few. Confirm that a uniprot entry appears.