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Talk Sep 19

Anupama Jhawil and Vikram Ravindrav ISIS 2 - protein binding-site prediction
Nikos Papadopoulos Intrinsic protein disorder in the human herpesviruses

Talk Aug 29

Visiting Students AutoAnnotator - annotating proteins from gene fragments. Developed in the course of the International Genetically Engineered Machine competition (iGEM)

Talk Aug 20

Frank Wallrapp A sequence/structure based strategy for prediction and characterization of enzymatic function

Talk July 4

Laszlo Kajan FreeContact: fast and free direct protein residue-residue contact prediction

Talk July 10

Michael Kiening Improvement of sequence based protein function prediction organisms

Talk June 20

Rebecca Kaßner Genotype to Phenotype prediction in Yeast

Talk June 12

Toni Kazic From Complex Phenotypes to Network Inference

Welcome Students to the Winter Semester 2011

Students Orientation Day at TUM in Garching

From around 11am students are welcome to visit RostLab.

Talk Oct 11

Peter Hönigschmid "Improvement of DNA- and RNA-Protein Binding Prediction"


Protein Prediction I make-up exam time and place

Dear students,

The oral make-up exam of the lecture Protein Prediction I will take place on Thursday, October 18, from 14:30 to 16:00 in room 01.09.034 .

Each of you has been assigned to one of two groups. Please see your emails for which group you are in. The exact time of the...