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Talk Dec 6

Verena Link "An evaluation of SNP and functional site analysis methods based on structural and evolutionary inference approaches"


Talk Jan 17

Eva Reisinger "Understanding molecular mechanism: analysis of the SLAC1 protein family"


Talk Feb 27

Zosia Gasik "Chromosomal duplication in yeasts under 
heat stress


Talk March 19

Marc Brehme "A Conserved Core Chaperome Network Safeguards Proteostasis in Aging and Neurodegenerative diseases"


Frank Wallrapp "In-silico genome mining for novel enzymes: A sequence/structure-based...

AllBio Workshop, Oct 3-5

Using web services for improved interoperability in bioinformatics

This workshop is planned for biologists and bioinformaticians who are interested in the use of ontologies and web services for their data analysis pipelines.

You can find all details about the...

Talk Jan 24

Christian Schäfer "Predicting the structural effect upon single amino acid exchange"


Talk Feb 22

Christiane Gasperi "Comparison of protein families for different organisms"