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(updated) Jul 03 - Oberseminar: Yannick Mahlich and Yann Spöri

Yannick will talk about his master project and Yann about his bachelor project

Jun 26 - Oberseminar: Anton Smirnov

Anton will talk about his thesis project

TEDxTUM – Pushing Boundaries (17.06.14)

We already can’t wait to listen to Prof. Burkhard Rost, talk at TEDxTUM about how he combines artificial intelligence and machine learning with evolution in his daily research!

  • Check out the short preview teaser interview:
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New paper published!

LocTree3 prediction of localization (NAR)

Full citation is:

Tatyana Goldberg; Maximilian Hecht; Tobias Hamp; Timothy Karl; Guy Yachdav; Nadeem Ahmed; Uwe Altermann; Philipp Angerer; Sonja Ansorge; Kinga Balasz; Michael Bernhofer; Alexander Betz; Laura Cizmadija; Kieu Trinh Do;...

May 08 - Oberseminar: Milot Mirdita

Milot will talk about his thesis: GeMuDB - Visualization for Full In Silico Mutagenesis Data

Apr 10 - Oberseminar: Manfred Roos

BSc: Snap2 high-throughput full mutagenesis scan for prediction of functionally important sites

Apr 03 - Oberseminar: Jonas Reeb

MSc: Transmembrane protein feature analysis: towards prediction and improvement of expression

Apr 03 - Oberseminar: Susanne Bakenecker

BSc: A comparison of alpha-transmembrane proteins of ten model
organisms with and without known structure

Mar 27 - Oberseminar: Johannes Söding

Leveraging evolutionary information for protein structure and function production

More than 10 years after the human genome project, we still know only a fraction of the structures and functions of human proteins. My lab develops methods for very sensitive sequence search and alignment methods that are based on the pairwise comparison of sequence profiles. Such methods have led to remarkable improvements in protein structure and function prediction over the last 10 years.

Mar 06 - Oberseminar: Frank Wallrapp

Last Presentation at Rostlab & Farewell + cookies