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Hot off the press!

The new PredictProtein paper has been published by NAR  - PredictProtein open resource for online prediction of protein structural and functional features

Aug 29 - Oberseminar: Thomas Hopf

Protein complexes and the effects of genetic variation from evolutionary couplings

ECCB tutorial on biological visualization

Hello World!

Check out and join the ECCB tutorial on reusing, developing and sharing biological visualization taught by RostLab students Sebastian Wilzbach and David Dao:

No Excuse To Be Bored This Summer: BioJS Munich Hackathon 4th-9th August (Virtual/In Person)


require ["biojs/hackathon"], (Hackathon) ->
    party = new Hackathon "Munich"
    party.setTopic "BioJS codebase"
    party.setStart 2014-08-04


Video: Burkhard Rost | TEDxTUM | Personalized health: harnessing the power of diversity

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Do the differences between your genes and my genes matter, and if so, how? What does the future of personalized health look like? Burkhard Rost, one of the leading researchers in computational biology,...

JavaScript hackathon @Rostlab

The RostLab is pleased to announce the first BioJS hack-a-thon in Munich.

The hack-a-thon will take place on Aug 4-9. It will be open for everyone. Join us either remotely or come to our lab in Garching!

For more details see our official...

CAFA evaluation results online!

Our group, and our groups students, created in the last terms methods for the prediction of protein function and participated in the CAFA 2014 challenge. The results are looking very promising and we scored well!

Congratulations to our students and their supervisors for this fantastic...

(updated) Jul 03 - Oberseminar: Yannick Mahlich and Yann Spöri

Yannick will talk about his master project and Yann about his bachelor project

Jun 26 - Oberseminar: Anton Smirnov

Anton will talk about his thesis project