Core Values @ Rostlab

At the RostLab, we perceive science as communication: communications between each of us and nature, between each other, and of us with others. This communication roots in the diversity of opinions and backgrounds. As such, we foster an inclusive environment of collaboration and sharing in our lab and with our (international) partners.

We strive to contribute toward building a more connected and informed society with equal opportunities for everyone. We believe that science is uniquely positioned to furthering exchange across perspectives, barriers, and other conditions that separate people ultimately because we scientists use the same language and are driven by the same passion. Therefore, we believe that starting in science, committing to a welcoming and sharing policy, we can help laying the foundation for a better future.

On our journey through protein science, Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine learning (ML), and evolutionary information, we welcome everyone interested, no matter their background, their aptitude, or previous experiences in an effort to further open discourse and mutual benefit. In our daily work we strongly believe in the whole being greater than the sum of its parts and show that through the respect, acceptance and appreciation we extend toward each other.

Standing CoC Committee

The RostLab embraces respectful, discrimination- and harassment-free communication. If you find yourself in a situation in which this is not that case, please reach out to either the chair (B Rost: chair<at> or to the standing Code of Conduct Committee at conduct<at> The committee will promptly and fairly respond to your report according to our Code of Conduct. Current CoC committee (alphabetically):

  • Kyra Erckert
  • Tim Karl
  • Céline Marquet
  • Tobias Olenyi