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The lab's research is driven by a conviction that protein and DNA sequences encode a significant core of information about the ultimate structure and function of genetic material and its gene products.

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Research Motivation

Watch a short video from the Humboldt foundation giving an overview over the lab's research motivation. 

Predict Protein

PredictProtein at www.predictprotein.org is a service that combines diverse protein sequence analysis tools. 
Click on the logo to find out more about PredictProtein. You can directly submit a protein sequence or an alignment here.


Oct 07 - Oberseminar: David Dao

IDP talk: Visualization of the phylogeny of organisms using Java Script

Oct 14 - Oberseminar: Linh Tran

IDP final presentation: large-scale application for new protein-protein prediction method

Oct 21 - Oberseminar: Benedikt Rauscher

VAPoR: A Visual web pipeline for Annotation of host/pathogen interactions in Plant Resistance